Negative mentality towards VCs & Over reliance on govt grants

Anonymous101 4 years ago • updated by Wong Wei Loon 4 years ago 5
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Interesting. So is the perception that it's super easy to get government grants, or the other way around? I'm getting some mixed reviews actually. 
After being on both side, I would not say mentality towards VCs is generally negative, perhaps more of "fear". Fear of not knowing what's going to happen afterwards. Fear of getting bad terms (since they have no idea what good terms anyway!). Fear over lost of control.
With regards to negative mentality on VC's - This may hold true maybe 5 to 10 years ago. But now i personally dont see it happening. 

With regards to over reliance of Govt Grants - what happens after a company gets the grant, to me, is more important metric to track. I do know of quite a number of company that blooms after these grants. So i guess it's not all that bad
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Do you know who tracks what happens after a company gets the grant? Do we have visibility into the % who get follow-on funding or how much? How do we define successes? 
How do we define success. This is the right question. Reuben once told me, when you are not achieving your goal, you have failed There is no in between. If the overall goals is to create "Google, Facebook" type of enterprise (that can catch eyeballs and jump start the whole ecosystem), obviously we are failing (not failed yet, time frame problem).

The even critical question is, will this place tolerate moderate success or to support spectacular ones although it might no seems so in the first place? And, another critical question is, is our presently successful startups enjoying their time here or they succeeded without even any helping hands which is an alarming question cause there is no useful helping hand at all? I seen people claiming credits while back then the hero is suffering without any help. Success have thousand mothers, failure is an orphan.