It is hard to hire good talent.

Daniel Cerventus Lim 5 years ago • updated by Muz 5 years ago 11
It is hard to hire good talent as most of them have better paying options in MNC 
Hence some of us have to resort to hiring foreigners to bridge the gap
And we can't hire foreign talents without MSC status or wt minimum $250k paid up capital. 

This is my experience about hiring. Hiring... depends on what stage you are. My partner reminded me every first is an important one. Our first office, our first user, our first customer, our first employee. Getting the first right will always opens up more leads.

Hiring quality people has really been a bottleneck in terms of our growth. It's not always that they have better options in MNCs -- there are also those interested in working in the startup space -- but a lot of people don't know what's out there and we don't know who's out there.
Agree with Kal. As an undergrad sometimes I find it really time consuming and not easy to reach out to startups mainly because we don't know what are the known unknowns. 
to paraphrase Walter Wriston: talent, like money, goes where it is needed and stays where it is well treated.
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That's why I'd love to see more initiatives like http://www.startupstreet.co/ come up! 
It isn't the quantity that counts. It is the quality that counts. If given the choice of getting all programmers/designers/business guys working at once or building a dedicated team with the same vision, I prefer the latter. Vision, is like a Jolly Roger, must raise high enough to be seen, to be touch upon, and its all depends on the captain where it is sailing to. 

There is unknown unknowns out there. As startup, its fundamental mission is to set out to make the unknown known. Less we already known the unknown, or we are just startup.
Good talent is usually developed through good education. Universities never have and never will teach students the cutting edge of technology. They focus on fundamentals. As a result, students (especially in public universities) are not exposed to the modern way of building, whether it's a mobile app or a company.

Given the exposure and guidance, fresh graduates will be just the type of talent that Startups need.
Food for thought, is the Government serious about bringing overseas talent back?

Actually not true. I've never worked in a MNC and wouldn't even want to. There are those who love the fast paced rush of a startup and those who enjoy the high pay and stability of a MNC. Everyone I know who works in a startup wants to ride on rapid growth and enjoy developing new products.

Startups should not be competing on pay. They should be competing on equity and faster pay rise. Of course, these startups need to actually grow and succeed. One successful startup I know started paying its early workers RM2k, a decade later, that same person is making RM30k+.