Quality of the entrepreneurs itself

Reza Razali 5 years ago • updated by Farhan Yun Hanimi 4 years ago 6
- Not enough talent pool around town
- Entrepreneur is tardy
- Good at complaining really bad at execution
- Cant handle feedback
- Cant work / team up with other entrepreneurs in complementing each other product
- Launched the wrong product with wrong business model
- Syok sendiri
can't agree more. entrepreneurs itself is the biggest bottleneck.
entrepreneurs gives themselves a lot of excuses.. :P 
Malaysians like to complaint. Like what we all are doing here.
want to lunch facebook but don't know how to code
I might be too young to say this however, if you look at the way most malaysian do business, its totally easy money kind of business. We depends completely on the goverment. We do mot have products establish globally